What Makes a “Lovable” Logo?

Posted by Jennifer Forrest on September 28, 2017

Recently, I visited New York City for the first time. And you can bet, I was in full Midwesterner tourist mode, sensible shoes, camera hanging from my neck, with my eyes, ears and nose taking in the Big Apple. Mingling amongst the sights, sounds and smells was an ever-present visual—the “I Love New York” logo. 

From store fronts to tourist t-shirts, this iconic emblem was everywhere. The logo was created in 1977 by graphic designer Milton Glaser to promote New York and encourage tourism during a time when the city saw a large decrease due to high crime. 


Glaser’s creation embodies each of the attributes of a great logo. I’ve assembled a list that highlights those characteristics and will help make your logo successful.

What Makes A Good Logo graphicV2-01.png

Download a printable copy of the infographic here.

Take it to Heart

Logos are the heart of most branding strategies and set the tone of your image. With the help of this list, yours will make a powerful impact in your industry.


After five days of taking a bite out of the Big Apple, the “I Love New York” logo worked its subliminal magic on me. For just $9.95, I left with this gem of a souvenir . . . and a genuine love of New York. 


If you are ready to design your logo, or are considering rebranding it, please contact us.

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