Social Media Post Frequency: How Much is Too Much?

Posted by Melissa Brown on January 11, 2017

2017-01-11-clock-600px.jpgWe have some clients who are active on social media but are interested in increasing their engagement. So this week, I’ve been researching best practices regarding post frequency. I'll share some of the highlights.

Posting more does NOT = more engagement 

The main thing I have taken away from my recent research is that posting more frequently does not equal more engagement. This seems extremely counterintuitive until you look at the research.

SocialBakers, a social media marketing company, validates this theory when they break their recommendations down for two types of companies: brands and media companies. They said a media company like the New York Times or the BBC can get away with posting five to seven times a day because they have different news stories that will be very engaging each time, but a company brand like Disney or Coca-Cola should not post more than two times per day or they’ll lose engagement.

And when I think about my own News Feed in Facebook, it makes sense – I’m always more prone to click on a news story than I am to click on the second or third ad for Quaker Instant Oatmeal that I’ve seen that day. So brands, be warned!

This theory was further researched by an Internet marketing company called Hubspot, which released a 2015 Social Media Benchmarks Report showing their research into the posting frequencies of various industries. 

Their research confirms that the appropriate frequency of your posts is largely influenced by the industry you’re in, as well as the number of followers you have. The key is to find the balance between your following's preference and your posting frequency. 

For example, in Hubspot's study, the real estate market posted up to 19 times a week with only 103,000 followers, while the consumer and retail industry posted just 6 times a week with 370,000 followers and had three times more engagement. They attribute this reaction to possible saturation – the real estate industry doesn’t have enough followers to handle their large number of posts. With the number of followers the consumer and retail industry has, they can manage to post fewer posts and still garner a lot of engagement.

So how do you increase engagement?

The best ways to increase engagement are to experiment with your post frequency, in addition to actively working to grow your followers and experimenting with your post formats – using images, links or reposting through Instagram. 

Try different frequencies, try different days, keep track of your numbers, and see if successful engagement starts to emerge.

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