7 steps to better website copy

I have 10 seconds to keep your attention.

This is why Stephan Krauska at Evermore, a website design company, warns organizations to carefully craft the copy on their website.

Because a website has a lot more real estate available than a brochure or flyer, it can be tempting to communicate too much. But this is where organizations can hurt themselves.

Are these 6 common myths keeping you from achieving social media success?

You either love it, or you hate it.

Whether you’re using social media personally or professionally, there’s no question it’s one of the great time-suckers of the 21st century.

At CorComm Creative, I’ve managed pages for several different clients. This management has included both full-time page management or as-needed campaign management. Over the years, while talking with existing or prospective clients about the everyday maintenance and overall benefits of social media, I’ve noticed that a few myths continue to pop up in conversations.

Many of these myths could be keeping organizations from achieving social media success, so let’s dispel them today.

3 ways to unify print and digital marketing for maximum campaign success

In this age of bipartisan political discourse, the idea of “working together” seems to have fallen by the wayside. But often, a collaboration of different viewpoints and ideas results in a successful, symbiotic relationship. During the last decade, digital media has skyrocketed to power with rumors of print media being on its way to impeachment. But rest assured, these two

Are you guilty of font clichés? 5 tips for choosing a proper font for your design project.

In the recent skit by Saturday Night Live, Ryan Gosling portrays a man who is plagued by his anger over the blockbuster movie Avatar’s thoughtless use of the clichéd Papyrus font. Ryan’s demons are real, for I too feel the cringe creep over me when I see Papyrus recklessly used on everything from Asian restaurant signs to attorney logos.

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