Overcoming your fear of live Facebook video [Part 2: Take control with these 9 planning steps]

Posted by Melissa Brown on July 10, 2018

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[Get step-by-step instructions for creating a live Facebook video in Part 1 of this two-part series.]

Are you afraid of live Facebook video?

Don’t be ashamed to admit it! We were too when we did our first video for CorComm Creative. But as with any other phobia in life, the way to conquer your fear is to confront it.

When you think of live video, you may assume it’s all spontaneous and off-the-cuff. And while it’s true that live video is more informal, there are still steps that can be taken that will lead to better success and give you a comforting sense of control over the situation.

9 steps to get past your fear and make your video a success

  1. Create a plan. Before you press the “Start live video” button, it’s important to think through your goals for the video. What do you plan to talk about? Who do you plan to include in the video? Are there any set-up preparations that need to be done in advance? Consider writing up a script or talking points for you to cover in your video, so you’ll have a plan in place to prevent nervous rambling. Be sure to warn any other people you plan to involve in the video and discuss what their talking points should be as well.

  2. Keep it casual and go with the flow. While having a plan in place can help you feel some semblance of control over your video, it’s still live, folks. If you’re doing a live video outside and a nearby toddler has a tantrum, you’re going to have to go with it. Quickly adjust your location and make a joke out of it. Live videos are meant to be more informal, and unexpected occurrences can often lead to more charming videos.

  3. Make it visually engaging. People will be more likely to stick around if your video is visually engaging, with the camera moving and showing them new things.

  4. Test it out first. Don’t let your live video be your first try at sharing your story. Test it out first by using your personal page’s Live Video function, with the audience set to “only me,” rather than the public. This allows you to give it a test run before your shining moment.

  5. Avoid incoming calls with airplane mode. Avoid interruptive calls coming through while you’re in the middle of your video by setting your phone to “airplane mode.” This is accessible through your phone’s settings button. 

  6. Promote your video before and after. Get your fans excited about your upcoming debut by promoting your video in advance on Facebook and your other social networks. This will increase your chances of having people ready and waiting to view your video when it’s time. Once your video is over, take a moment to express your thanks in the comments section and use the embed link to post the video on your website or blog.

  7. Assign someone else to respond to questions from a desktop. You’ll be busy talking with your audience, so it’s a good idea to have someone assigned to interacting with your guests in the comments section. You can even have them share some of the questions coming through, so you can give your fans a shout-out as you answer their questions in real-time.

  8. Ask viewers to interact with you and like your page. This is another thing you can prepare for in advance — brainstorm ways you can interact with your audience as you work through your live video. Encourage them to like your page (so they’ll be more likely to be notified of your future posts/videos), answer questions in the comments section, share your video and more.

  9. View your analytics afterward. Once your video is over, take time to review your video’s analytics from your Insights tab in Facebook. You’ll be able to track video views, minutes viewed, average watch time, your demographics and more.

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