We're mapping our journey — and we invite you to come along for the ride

Posted by Corie Farnsley on March 30, 2018

tricycling - early on in our business
She hops on her tricycle as a toddler, gets the hang of it and enjoys herself for a little while.

When riding the tricycle becomes second nature — maybe even a little boring — she eagerly seeks something more challenging. It’s time for a “real” bike. She leans on training wheels at first, so she won’t fall flat as she struggles to learn the delicate balance she needs in order to keep moving. She’s not ready for hills and curves, but she’s enjoying the wind in her hair and the fresh air in her face. She enjoys herself for a little while more.

By the time the training wheels come off, she’s ready to be independent. She bikes every day, working hard to get better, stronger and faster. Eventually, nothing will hold her back except her own energy and desires.

But where is she going?

bicycling - where we are now

Trike, bike … or journey?

Our business was the young girl in the tricycle phase for a long while — I’d say around eight of our 11 years so far. We hit the training-wheels stage when I hired my first coworker in 2015, and we rocketed right through it. For the past two-plus years, we’ve been high on our bikes, working hard and getting better, stronger and faster at what we do. We can cover more ground than we ever have before, and we can tackle the hills and curves that come our way.

The wind in our face is exhilarating.

But where are we going?

Last year, it became clear to me that we were enjoying the ride around town with our friends (clients and coworkers), but we were lacking a destination. We didn’t know where the ride would take us, and on the surface, we were OK with that. But there is an underlying uneasiness in this type of carefree working style. It was an uneasiness that kept me up at night.

It was about that time that I became mildly obsessed with mapping our journey, rather than simply riding our bikes.

Our Purpose: People

We're starting by narrowing our target. Instead of covering any and all ground, haphazardly moving from place to place, we're getting choosy about where we go.

First step: We're focusing on not-for-profit clients.

Serving people who serve others is always what has powered our pedals. We love serving not-for-profit organizations, because they exist solely to make the world better in some way, and we want to support them.

The world can be dark and greedy, and we desire to distance ourselves from that darkness. One of the reasons we love working with not-for-profits is that most are driven driven by people who turn the attention away from themselves and toward others. It’s admirable, encouraging and contagious. Being a small part of their work makes us feel like we're using our talents and energy to make a positive, outward-focused difference in the world.

As we continue to carve our journey, we will (and already do) serve primarily not-for-profit organizations. In 2017, about 80 percent of our income came from work we did for not-for-profits. We envision that number to be steady or rise from here on out.

But while we’re focusing largely on not-for-profits—especially in our marketing, networking and other ways we’re reaching out to potential new clients—we are not stopping work for our small-business clients. With all of our clients, we have developed working relationships that we value and treasure, and we want to continue working with each and every one of them, regardless of whether they are small businesses or not-for-profits.

We’re serving not-for-profits, even when we’re serving businesses.

We’ve designed a way that even our work with small businesses can benefit our not-for-profit clients, and we’re pretty excited about it.

We are offering an hourly discount to any business client who makes a $500 donation to one of our not-for-profit clients. For every year the company makes a donation, we will honor the discounted rate, regardless of how many hours we devote to the work we do for the business.

Most of our small-business clients will benefit from this discount by saving more than they're donating.

We’re hopeful that each business client will take advantage of this opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation that will also save them money on the work they do with us. Meanwhile, it will allow CorComm Creative to indirectly help fund the work of the not-for-profits we love.

In related news...

We have a new website for our new journey.

CorComm Creative website screenshot

We needed to overhaul our website in order to better tell the world about our new focus and direction, and we launched a new site in February. Be sure to check it out.

Part of our new journey involves being more available to meet the needs of not-for-profit organizations’ communications teams and executives who are tasked with managing an incredibly vast world of communications opportunities within relatively (but realistically) small budgets. So our new site includes a Resources section that we are populating with some of the resources we love and rely upon to do our jobs well.

This is admittedly a work in progress, and there are many more links to come! But take a minute now and bookmark the site so you can return to it later. We’ll be updating it regularly and are open to recommendations for new links. Feel free to contact us with recommended links to add.

While you’re at it, we would love for you to visit our Testimonials page to see what other clients have said about working with us. We would love it even more if you would share your own.

NEW: Website design expands our scope of services

Justin Dorsey Plumbing website - home pageFinally, we are eager to announce that we now offer a new service for our clients: Website design! We were able to add this service in January when our newest team member, Jodi Bauman, began working with us.

We just launched our first site for one of our clients, Justin Dorsey Plumbing, and we’re eager for the opportunity to do more. As a special incentive to help us build our portfolio of sites, we will discount our hourly rate by $20 for any client who hires us to do website design. [Print the coupon below and present at our discovery meeting to get the process rolling. This offer is good through June 2018.]

Coupon - Save $20 per hour on website designNow, when new clients need a complete overhaul of their communications efforts — or a place to start their online presence — we are ready to serve this most common need. In this technology-driven world, it’s clearly important to have an online presence, and not just on social media (although that’s important, too).

Will you join us on our journey?

Are you a not-for-profit employee tasked with sharing your organization’s impact with donors, grantors, community residents, board members, legislators or other groups? We would love for you to grab a bicycle and join us for the journey. We’re just beginning our grand adventure.

Tell us your story!

We would love to hear more about your journey. How did you get to where you are right now — professionally or personally? Where are you going? Who is along for the ride? 

Leave us a message in the comments below!



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