CLIENT PROFILE: Nonprofit director says CorComm-designed tools have helped low-income family data resonate with changemakers

Posted by Melissa Brown on November 9, 2018

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As director of the Indiana Institute for Working Families (IIWF), Jessica Fraser has a lot on her shoulders. As a branch program of the Indiana Community Action Association (IN-CAA), IIWF conducts research and promotes public policies to help Hoosier families achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. In Fraser’s role, she oversees the research and advocacy efforts of a team of policy analysts, working on a host of issues affecting low-income families.

“Because IIWF is a small program, we have all become a ‘jack-of-all-trades,’” Jessica said. “Each of us, including myself, engage in research and data analysis, speaking engagements, advocacy with state and federal lawmakers, and fundraising through grant writing and donor engagement.”

Partnering with CorComm

In 2013, the organization’s to-do list began outpacing what its full-time employees could handle internally. With limited budget availability for new hires, IN-CAA Director Ed Gerardot knew he and Jessica needed help and turned to CorComm Creative to work on both IN-CAA and IIWF projects.

“Right away, working with Corie was amazing,” Jessica recalls. “She ‘got’ us and our issues. She understood that we were trying to tell complicated stories and needed to inform with data and evoke emotions on these issues. She was able to do that for us, time and again, through report design and infographics.”

Five years later, the partnership continues, with CorComm:

  • Producing a monthly IN-CAA e-newsletter
  • Designing graphs for use in annual IIWF Status of Working Families Reports
  • Designing as-needed infographics, memes, fliers, reports and policy agendas

So what keeps Jessica returning to CorComm for help after all these years?

“Corie and the whole team are great to work with,” Jessica said. “They listen to our concerns and suggestions and adjust the product to make it what we want and need it to be. But also, it makes a huge difference to our work. People will say that we are putting out amazing info ‘lately,’ when the truth is, it’s the same data and information it has always been. But the packaging makes a huge difference.”

“You will never be sorry that you
partnered with this team!”
— Jessica Fraser, IIWF, an Indiana public policy nonprofit

Favorite projects

Jessica shares some of her favorite projects that CorComm Creative has designed for IIWF.


View hi-res PDF.

“This is one of my favorite projects, because I think every graphic really captures the information that we wanted to share. The picture choices were also really thoughtful and inclusive.”


SelfSufficiencyPuzzleFactSheetView hi-res PDF.

“I loved this project too. Our policy analyst had a vision of missing puzzle pieces, and you all captured that perfectly.”


2018StatusofWorkingFam    View hi-res PDF.


 View hi-res PDF.

“This most recent Status of Working Families Report is an example of a difficult project that turned out well. We had such a limited budget and time. But you guys helped us to learn what parts of it we could do ourselves and then went above and beyond, even donating time, to make sure it turned out well. You could have just said ‘No, we’re not going to be able to help you,’ but you didn’t.”


MinimumWageFactSheet  View hi-res PDF. “This Minimum Wage Fact Sheet still gets the most shocked reactions, and it seems to resonate and get through to people. Corie also helped us generate one for each county — another example of Corie working with us to be able to customize a product to cut down on costs.”

Stay informed about the important work IIWF
does for Hoosiers.

Visit their "Inside the Statehouse" blog.

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