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CONTENT MARKETING 101: Understanding this modern marketing tactic [Part 1]

It’s annoying, and we’ve all been there.

You’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, enjoying your friends’ pictures and laughing at some recently uploaded Saturday Night Live videos. Suddenly, your enjoyment is interrupted by an ad for a new mattress cover that’s supposed to improve your sleep or the latest line of dresses at a local retailer.

These ads are interrupting your News Feed, and that’s why it’s called interruptive marketing. Other examples of interruptive marketing include traditional forms of advertising like television, radio and print ads.

7 steps to better website copy

I have 10 seconds to keep your attention.

This is why Stephan Krauska at Evermore, a website design company, warns organizations to carefully craft the copy on their website.

Because a website has a lot more real estate available than a brochure or flyer, it can be tempting to communicate too much. But this is where organizations can hurt themselves.

Are these 6 common myths keeping you from achieving social media success?

You either love it, or you hate it.

Whether you’re using social media personally or professionally, there’s no question it’s one of the great time-suckers of the 21st century.

At CorComm Creative, I’ve managed pages for several different clients. This management has included both full-time page management or as-needed campaign management. Over the years, while talking with existing or prospective clients about the everyday maintenance and overall benefits of social media, I’ve noticed that a few myths continue to pop up in conversations.

Many of these myths could be keeping organizations from achieving social media success, so let’s dispel them today.

VIDEO: A peek inside CorComm Creative's office!

If you've ever wondered what our office looks like, get a sneak peek in this five-minute video, which features:

Come on in!

HIRING: Seeking part-time writer/designer!

We have an important announcement to make!

We are seeking a part-time Writer/Designer to work at our CorComm Creative office here in Danville, Ind. We are interested in generalist communicators who have experience and talent in both writing and graphic design. 

View the full job description and apply on