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Corie Farnsley is the owner of CorComm Creative. She loves writing, design and photography — and especially anything that combines the three.
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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about our business

We have some exciting news to share: CorComm Creative is going virtual!

Beginning Dec. 1, at the latest, our team will be united not by four walls and a front door but by the mission that guides us. We will be vacating our current office space, and our team will be working remotely.

There are a couple reasons we’re making this change.

College students: Here are 12 ways to prepare yourself (now!) for a communications career

Communications pros share advice from 15+ years in the trenches

The day you and your fellow classmates parade in front of thousands of parents wearing your cap and gown as you cross a stage is not the day to start thinking about what you’ll do after college.

It’s time to start thinking now — while you’re in school.

Why should you bother using Twitter in nonprofit communications?

I’ll admit: I have historically had a love-hate relationship with Twitter.

I signed up in 2008, and I occasionally enjoyed perusing my feed for interesting things to read in my free time. But for a long time, it just seemed like a waste of time. 

I could get the news I wanted to read from Apple News or 100 other sources. 

I could get personal updates from my friends on Facebook. 

I could see photos of people who interest me on Instagram. 

And no one was reading the few tweets I posted, anyway.*

* Right off the bat, know that you must tweet regularly if you expect to have a Twitter following and impact. Keep that in mind as you begin thinking about using Twitter as an effective communications tool.

What, then, was the point of Twitter?

Why is your communications pro suggesting you start a blog?

Your communications pro — in-house, agency or freelance — is right: You need a blog.

We’ll get into the reasons why a little farther down the page, but for now, do me a favor: Take whatever vision you have of a blog and bury it for a moment. Scratch the slate clean, and allow me to paint a picture that might be quite different than the one that comes to your mind when you hear the term.

Photo share: Team volunteer day at McCloud Nature Park

Yesterday, I met with a small group of retired executives who volunteered their expertise and advice, wanting nothing more than to help a small-business owner succeed. (Learn more about SCORE.) 

On Sundays, volunteers greet me at my church door, hand out bulletins, teach my family Sunday-school lessons, purchase and prepare snacks for all in attendance and so much more. (Learn more about Calvary Chapel of Danville.)

On Mondays and Tuesdays this past school year, I met with about 100 other women who were volunteering a significant portion of our weeks to helping other women study the Bible. (Learn more about Bible Study Fellowship.)

Chances are, you've crossed paths with a volunteer or two in your past week, too.

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