6 benefits of hiring a full-service, virtual agency

Posted by Melissa Brown on January 31, 2019

benefits of hiring a virtual agency

We are a virtual agency.

What does that mean? It means our team members work remotely from their homes, not from a dedicated office space. [View our original announcement, explaining the reasoning behind the transition.]

And we’re not alone. It’s an upward trend that started years ago.

 In 2009, AON Consulting, a top global human capital consulting firm, released a white paper on “The Reality of Virtual Work,” which noted that the prevalence of virtual workers had increased by 39 percent in the previous two years.

More recently, a Gallup State of the American Workplace report showed a continued increase in employees working remotely:

  • In some capacity – increased from 39 to 43 percent
  • 80 to 100 percent of the time – increased from 24 to 31 percent.
  • 100 percent of the time – increased from 15 to 20 percent

What does it mean for me, the client?

Here are just a few benefits you can expect from a full-service virtual agency:

  1. Less-expensive rates. This was a main reason behind our decision to go virtual — we wanted to lower our overhead costs. We eliminated the cost of office space rental and utilities. We have also controlled staff costs by limiting the number of permanent employees and working with professional freelancers on an as-needed basis. These changes have enabled us to maintain reasonable rates for our nonprofit clients.
  2. One point-of-contact. Rather than having to interact with multiple freelancers, our agency has one project manager who manages that work for you. For example, if you have a project that requires writing, graphic design and photography, our project manager will take the reins and ensure all the pieces of your project are carefully managed to completion.
  3. Reduced administrative time, finding and vetting freelancers. By utilizing a virtual agency with a project manager, your time is freed up to spend it where you’re needed most. No more asking for referrals and interviewing multiple freelancers until you find the right one(s). Just contact us, tell us your needs, and we’ll take it from there.
  4. Higher-quality professionals. Because we’re not bound to a specific office location, we have the freedom to find the best freelancers for the job, whether they’re local or out-of-state or even out-of-country. By going virtual, we have expanded our scope and have a pool of diverse, creative professionals at our fingertips.
  5. Better creativity. A recent Hubspot blog reported that remote workers are 20 percent more creative than traditional workers, citing the larger scope of talent, increased diversity and personal happiness as the main contributors.
  6. Increased productivity. Working remotely has its benefits, including fewer distractions from water-cooler gossip, impromptu meetings and noisy coworkers. Studies agree. A recent SurePayroll infographic says two-thirds of employers report increased productivity among their employees who work remotely, while another study says productivity among virtual workers can increase up to 43 percent.

As you consider which freelancer or agency to partner with on your next project, we hope you will consider the benefits of what we have to offer you!

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